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Achieving Billboard status with mikeeysmind

mikeeysmind is an upcoming pop artist who has begun hitting Spotify editorial charts with his hit song VVV.


We first partnered with mikeeysmind when he had 3 million monthly listeners, due to his songs being used in thousands of videos on TikTok. Mikeeysmind wanted to reach the mainstream audience, as well as hit his goal of 5 million monthly listeners.


The first step was using his newly-released song VVV on various videos on our portfolio of media brands. Accumulated, these attained over 3.4 million views. Effectively, mikeeysmind was able to achieve his first charting on Billboard, where he topped at #14 on the Billboard TikTok Charts. Immediately following this, the Poybo Media Group reached out to Billboard Magazine editors, and was able to provide a successful pitch that landed mikeeysmind an article all about him and his new release on Billboard.

Today, mikeeysmind has surpassed 6 million monthly listeners. His new song has attained over 16 million streams in a single month, and is currently in negotiation with the Warner Music Group for a major music licensing deal.

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