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Going mainstream with the A7FL football league

The American 7s Football League is a semi-professional league in the United States that plays a seven-man version of gridiron football called American 7s Football. Since 2015, its games are played without football helmets or other protective equipment.


The A7FL approached us to assist in helping their new subdivision, Cincinnati, amplify their influence within the sporting community. They wanted to boost organic views on social media creating content that would entertain their target audience of Generation-Z in the United States. However, their smaller following count limited their reach potential, and thus needed a strategic partner to curate video materials effectively and make them engaging for users accustomed to short-form content.


We requested the football league to send raw game material to our team. Using custom graphics and music, we were able to create a series of clips on a number of our Instagram and TikTok brands that featured Quincy Vaughn, a team member of A7FL Cincinnati. This produced high engagement with the intended audience, resulting in our videos achieving a viewership 928% higher than A7FL Cincinnati's average post.

Our efforts ensued long-term growth as well. Since our campaign, the football league has more than doubled their average view count, thanks to us driving an engage audience.


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